Church Plates of Prince Edward Island

I began a collection of commemorative plates of churches of Prince Edward Island, Canada, concentrating on those where relations were baptised, married and funerals held.  Please advise if you know where I might purchase plates not yet in the collection.  Donations are gladly accepted.

United Church, Freetown, Prince County.
Lot 14 Presbyterian Church, Birch Hill, Prince County.

United Church, Cascumpec, Prince County.
Presbyterian Church, Hartsville, Queens County.

United Church, Lot 16, Prince County.  Donated by June MacLean. United Church, Tyne Valley, Prince County.

Presbyterian Church, Tyne Valley, Prince County. St. Mary's Anglican Church, Summerside, Prince County.

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Indian River, Prince County. United Baptist Church, O'Leary, Prince County.

United Church, O'Leary, Prince County. Trinity United Church, Charlottetown, Queens County.

United Church, O'Leary, Prince County. United Church, Kensington, Prince County

United Church, Cavendish, Queens County Presbyterian Church, Kensington, Prince County

St. John's Anglican Church, Ellerslie, Prince County Trinity United Church, Summerside, Prince County

Princetown United Church, Malpeque, Prince County North Bedeque United Church, Prince County (donated by Margie MacDonald)

St. Paul's Anglican Church, Charlottetown, Queens County United Church, Murray River, Kings County

Tryon United Church, Prince County Wheatley River United Church,  Queens County